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"Everyone is a clown... But, only a few of us have the courage to put on the makeup!"
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Whiteface Clown

Character: As the Straight Whiteface is the more "traditional" clown, the Grotesque Whiteface, also known as the Comedy Whiteface, is today the most common Whiteface clown. When performing with the Auguste and/or Tramp, this clown will remain in charge, setting up the routine, throwing rather than taking the pie, slap or kick. Although more comical than the Straight Whiteface, this clown is a bit more reserved than the impish and gregarious Auguste.

Makeup: As in the Straight Whiteface, all exposed flesh of the face, neck, and ears will be covered with white makeup. The coloring and design of the facial features are what differentiate it from the classic design. Whereas the straight design is purposely kept simple, the (comedy) Grotesque Whiteface design may include large false eyelashes, a larger mouth design, a clown nose and other features on the face. Some of these features may be outlined in black; glitter and sparkles are also common. Varying styles and colors of clown wigs are used in lieu of only the skull cap. The color of the wig is generally chosen to accent another color in the costume.

Costume: Although the traditional jump suit can be worn, the (comedy) Grotesque Whiteface is equally acceptable in brightly colored shirts and pants, suits and large comedy shoes that complement the costume. Costumes will be more "glitzy" and color coordinated than the Auguste costumes. White or colored gloves should be worn. The female clown costuming does not vary much between the Auguste and the Grotesque Whiteface; the tradition of color coordination, sparkles, glitter, ruffles and ribbon remains. Even when using cotton fabrics, the total look would be pretty and elegant.

Here are our whiteface clowns:


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