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Ballooning- Tulip Twist

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The tulip twist is a specialty balloon animal twist. As the name implies, the twist looks a bit like a tulip and can be used as the basis of a tulip-like balloon flower. Another use is as an additional detail on a sword, as well as the center of a petaled balloon flower or a plane's propeller.

The tulip twist is made at the beginning of the balloon at the knot.

Lock twist 1

Place your first finger directly over the knot at the end of a balloon.

Shove your finger into balloon, inserting your finger into the balloon's interior.

Tulip Twist


Using your other hand, grasp the balloon and pinch, grabbing the knotted end inside of the balloon. The picture shows the first finger removed. The left hand is holding the knot to form the tulip twist.

Use your free hand to twist the balloon segment and form the tulip twist.

If the tulip twist doesn't hold, try pressing some air in the balloon against the twist.

Lock Twist 1a

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