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"Everyone is a clown... But, only a few of us have the courage to put on the makeup!"
Laser Engraving

Face Paints

Face Paints: Lets start off with the face paint: Obviously this needs to be a special paint as its going to be applied to the skin on mainly children, so going off to the Snazaroo face paint pallettelocal DIY store for some match-pots isn't a good idea. There are a few companies who produce paints specifically for face painting, which have been tested for safety Snazaroo face paintand comply with various European and American regulations. These paints come in a huge variety of colours and can generally be purchased either singly in various sized pots or in sets containing a number of different face paints. A few examples from one of the manufacturers (Snazaroo) are shown here. They can be plain coloured face paints, contain glitter to give a sparkle effect, have a pearlescent effect added to them or even some ultra-violet light reflecting paints for the disco nights! At first it is best to start out with maybe half a dozen of the basic colours to get used to working with them and see how you can apply and mix to achieve the effect you want. How you apply them brings us to the next section.......

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