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"Everyone is a clown... But, only a few of us have the courage to put on the makeup!"
Laser Engraving

Brushes and sponges

Brushes come in all shapes and sizes, so which do you use? First of all face painting brushes must be of good quality, usually with a synthetic bristle and soft enough for young face paint brushesfaces. Three or four brushes is enough to get you started to allow you to experiment with the face paint and working on skin. You'll need say a small fine pointed brush for extremely detailed work, a medium sized softer pointed brush for the bolder strokes and a larger brush for filling in the big areas outlined before. as you progress you'll find a need for more specialised brushes to acheive the end result such asĀ  an angled flat brush to blend two face paints together, a fan shaped brush for feathered edge effects and so on. eventually you'll find a large selection of brushes in your box but will probably have your favourites which you use time and again.face paint sponges To cover large areas of the face with one base colour a sponge is used to give a smooth effect with the face paint, yet aface painting spongegain these sponges are made for face painting and are readily available. One tip with the sponges is don't be afraid to cut them up - two reasons, one you get twice as many for your money but more importantly you can use the sharp edge on the cut sponge to produce lines and clean edges if the design calls for it. (see the picture)You can paint the whole face with a couple of sponges, bending them to create different edges and face paint effects. For stipple effects special sponges such as the one in the picture are available.

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