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Ballooning- Basic Twist

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Step 1: Here's the basic balloon twist that is the foundation for everything that you make through the art of balloon twisting. This skill allows you twist a balloon into segments that form your creations. The basic twist is used with a lock twist, which you'll learn in another lesson.

Grasp the balloon in one hand near the end. You'll probably want to do this with your non-dominant hand.

Basic twist

Step 2: Using your free hand (I'll call it "left" as in the picture), grasp the balloon with your other ("right") hand and twist the balloon until you're left with a segment in your left hand.
The arrow in the picture demonstrates the twisting action - think of turning a lid on a peanut butter jar. The dotted line represents the part of the balloon that will twist and form a segment in your left hand.

Basic twist 1a

Step 3: This picture shows the final balloon segment, the basic building block of balloon sculpting, which you have just created.
Important point, notice how I'm holding both newly-formed sections of the balloon in my hand. At this point, if I let go of the second segment, the balloon will untwist. To keep the balloon twisted, you'll need to learn the lock twist.

Basic twist 2

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