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Balloon Hummingbird

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Here's a simple balloon animal in the shape of a hummingbird.

To make this balloon animal, you'll need to know how to make a basic twist and a pinch twist.

One 260 Balloon

Step 1: Inflate the balloon leaving between a 1.5 and two-inch tip.

Hummingbird 1

Step 2: Make a basic twist about two inches long.

Hummingbird 2

Step 3: Go all the way to the other end of the balloon and make a two-inch basic twist.

Hummingbird 3

Step 4: Make a one-inch basic twist.

Hummingbird 4

Step 5: Convert the second basic twist into a pinch twist.

Hummingbird 5

Step 6: Twist the pinch twist into the first basic twist at the other end of the balloon. You'll be creating the body of the hummingbird as well as a loop.

Hummingbird 6

Step 7: Find the far end of the “loop,” its center point, and bring it towards and twist it into the pinch twist. You’re folding the loop in half to form wings.

Hummingbird 7

Step 8: Make all necessary adjustments so that the balloon animal resembles the hummingbird in the picture.

 Final Hummingbird


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