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"Everyone is a clown... But, only a few of us have the courage to put on the makeup!"
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Auguste Clown

Character: The most comical of all clowns. He/she is impish, gregarious and thrives on slapstick. His/her actions are big, clumsy and awkward. He/she does not have much in common with the Whiteface except for the makeup and costume. His/her personality is that of a rabble rouser. When appearing with the Whiteface, the Auguste (German meaning "foolish") is the brunt of the joke. However, with the Tramp, he becomes the instigator in control of the situation.

Makeup: The Auguste has a highly colorful makeup with a base color of flesh tone (pink, tan, reddish brown) on the face and neck. The eye and muzzle area are usually covered in white to produce a wide-eyed expression and to accentuate the mouth design. Designs in and around the eyes and mouth are generally black or red, but other lining colors, in moderation, are acceptable. A red shadowing around the muzzle area is generally outlined in black (or occasionally red). This clown will normally wear a large comedy nose appropriate to the size of the clown's face. The Auguste will always wear a wig, but can choose from the many varied styles and colors to accentuate the costume and flesh tone of the Auguste.

Costume: The Auguste clown has the widest variety of costume designs to choose from, except it would not wear the "traditional" jumpsuit of the Whiteface. The August could wear a jacket or coat, short, medium or long, with or without tails, or go without. The pants could be short, long, or oversize. It can choose from a wide selection of colorful plaids, stripes, polka dots, and checks, as well as solid colors. Commonly called "the tailor's nightmare", the Auguste's costume colors and patterns should complement the overall clown appearance, whether or not they are color coordinated or matched. Theatrical fabrics or sequins are inappropriate on the Auguste costume. He/she is usually a notorious prankster and may need a lot of pockets to carry gags and tricks. The costume can be complemented with outlandish accessories, like large or small ties, vests, colorful socks, large or comical collars, suspenders and many styles and colors of comedy clown shoes. These and one of the many hat possibilities, like skimmers, Irish derbies, bowlers, top hats, stovepipes, "madhatters" and "crushables" in various bright colors will enhance the Auguste clown character. White or colored gloves are also worn. Although the Classic European Auguste is used in skits, it is not appropriate for COAI competitions. Costuming does not vary much between the Auguste and the Whiteface female clown regarding style, but the Whiteface tradition of color coordination, sparkles, glitter, ruffles and ribbon remain. Even when using cotton fabrics, the total look would be pretty and elegant. The Auguste female clown may wear mismatched colors and be totally uncoordinated, but may also prefer to be a pretty clown. This is acceptable. However, the Auguste must never wear sequins and glitter or use theatrical fabrics. These belong only to the Whiteface beauties. The female Auguste may choose to be a bumbling, stumbling or slapstick personality, much the same as the male Auguste clown.

Here are our Auguste clowns:


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