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"Everyone is a clown... But, only a few of us have the courage to put on the makeup!"
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Egypt Shriners Clowns

The clowning profession is a little different than most in that we receive our rewards immediately upon performing. When you have made a connection with your audience, have seen the look of wonder in their eyes and created an escape from whatever pain, distress or sorrow that your audience has held within, you have received an award far better than anything you may be presented at any awards banquet or at any other time.  Although it is certainly nice to receive awards, and although it's certainly nice to display them, it's equally nice to earn that warm and unforgettable feeling in your heart that comes from making a positive difference in the life of another. The art of being a Shrine Clown is an honorable art and an honorable profession. As Shrine Clowns, we have all received our rewards this way at one time or another.

Our Clown Unit contributs to the International Shrine Clowns Sneaker Fund for Burn Research. In fact Egypt Shriners Clowns were recently number 1 in all of Shrinedom for donations to the Sneaker Fund.  We gave $16,750.00 to support burn research.

During the most recent Florida Shrine Clown Association competition held in Cocoa Beach, Florida, our clowns did very well.  Here is how we did in competition: 

  • Rookie: Pops 1st, Stretcher 2nd
  • August: Doodles & Weelz, 2nd
  • Character: Moo Cow 1st, Ladders 2nd
  • Paradability: Ladders 2nd
  • 1 Man Skit: Weelz 1st, Doodles 2nd, Ladders & Stretcher 3rd
  • 2 Man Skit: Moo Cow/Stretcher 1st, Weelz/Ladders 2nd
  • Unit Skit: Egypt 1st
  • Single Balloon: Pops 1st, Moo Cow 2nd, Doodles 3rd
  • Multiple Balloon: Weelz 2nd
  • Full Face: Ladders 1st, Weelz 2nd
  • Cheek Art: Moo Cow 1st, Pops 2nd, Stretcher 3rd
  • All Around Clown: Weelz

And we've received the support of our ladies at our events. Our work is extremely rewarding and it's always fun. We work hard at becoming a family where we share the same ideals and support the same cause. Bottom line is, "We do it all for the kids." And that makes it worthwhile for us all.

Clowning at hospitals and charities are the main activities for these funsters. They are seen in parades as one of Egypt's premier Unit in civic celebrations in our local cities and towns.

If you belong to Egypt Shrine and think that you have some time to give to a very worthy and noble cause, please let us know. We meet every third Wednesday, in the Unit room in the "Stu Lang Activities Building" and have we got a deal for you!

The "Stu Lang Activities Building"


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